Prof. Krastyo Petkov passed away

Prof. Krastyo PetkovOn the 23rd of December 2016 Prof. Krastyo Petkov passed away after a long and hard illness.

During the past couple of months he continued his work despite his condition. Even during his last days he kept on bravely fighting his illness, participated in discussions, held lectures, wrote insightful articles on contemporary subjects.

Krastyo Petkov is a Bulgarian Economist, Sociologist and Politician, the first president of the party United Block of Labor which he founded in 1997.

He was also a member of parliament as part of the parliamentary group of Coalition for Bulgaria in the 39th National Assembly.

Professor Petkov was born on 18 November 1943 in the village of Knyaz Alexander (today, the city of Dimovo).

He graduated from the technical school for hydro-meliorations in the city of Pavlikeni and in 1968 he graduated from the High Economic Institute Karl Marx (today, The University of World and National Economy) in Sofia, with a degree in Political Economy.

In 1986 he defended his doctoral thesis on the subject of labor relations and was elected as a Professor of Sociology in the Sofia University Kliment Ohridski.

He specialized Sociology and Sociology of labor, Economics and Social Policies in the Academy of Science in Novosibirsk, in the International Institute of labor in Geneva, in the University of Economics and Political Sciences in England.

He participated in university programs and seminaries in the USA, in the universities of Michigan, Berkeley and Duke amongst others.

On this blog you can find an archive of 935 original publications from Prof. Krastyo Petkov from the period between 2009-2016, as well as articles, interviews, analysis, participation in various discussions, which have been originally published in other media.


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The worship will be 26.12.2016 (Monday), from 14:00 h in the ritual hall of the Central Sofia cemetery.